Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions - FAQs - about choosing headsets and headset accessories.

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Q. Why use a telephone headset?

A. Headsets will offer you the following benefits:

1. Productivity - Allows you to work 'hands-free' so that you can multi-task - use your computer, find documents, make notes or move around - and so get more done in a day without working any harder.
2. Health & Safety - You work with your head and spine in the correct position for long-term comfort which reduces the risk of RSI, lower back pain, neck pain and tension headaches. Your time on the phone is much less tiring.
3. Professional - You sound better because the microphone is held at a constant distance from your mouth - your caller hears you more clearly so you project a more professional image.
4. Hear better - You hear your caller better because, on amplified models, you can adjust the volume of their voice - particularly important when your caller is on a mobile phone with a poor connection.
5. Eliminate distractions - If you choose a binaural headset, with speakers covering both ears, it is much easier to avoid the distractions of surrounding noise and activity.

Q. Are there different styles of headsets?

A. Yes there are - we've described the three major styles for you here, but there are others. If you're new to headsets, we'd advise you to try on the different styles for comfort before deciding:

• Single Speaker (Monaural) Headband Style - for people who spend time on the phone, but who also need to communicate with colleagues.
• Two Speaker (Binaural) Headband Style - for people who require total concentration, working in noisy, busy environments.
• Over-the-Ear (No headband) Style - for people looking for an ultra-light weight, unobtrusive headset.
• Neckband Style - for people who find a 'headband' that sits at the base of the skull more comfortable.
• Convertible 3-in-1 - for people who like to change between styles - over-the-ear, headband, neckband - without the expense of different headsets.

Q. What does a noise-cancelling headset do?

A. These headsets feature a noise-cancelling microphone which cuts out up to 75% of background noise - ideal if you work in an open-plan office.

Q. My telephone doesn't have a headset socket - does that mean I can't use a headset?

A. Not necessarily. Basically, you have two options:

1. Replace your existing telephone with a headset phone and your chosen headset.
2. Keep your existing phone and add an amplifier adaptor and your chosen headset.

Q. Amplifiers? What are these for? Do I need one?

A. Amplifiers allow you to increase the volume of both incoming and outgoing voice levels, which is particularly useful if someone calls on a mobile from a poor reception area. They also allow you to switch quickly between the normal telephone handset and the headset. Additionally they usually have a mute button which means you can have a private conversation with a colleague without the caller hearing the conversation.

Q. Can I have a headset with my particular telephone system?

A. The answer is almost certainly 'Yes'. Practically all telephone systems can be matched by using an amplifier adaptor or by programming the telephone system to accept a headset. To help us check headset compatibility with your telephone equipment, we need to know the following information:

• System manufacturer and model
• Telephone handset model number - the telephone which will be used with the headset
• Will the users connect to an operator console, an extension phone or a call centre ACD   Turret?

If you're not sure about any of the above information, please call us - We are sure we can point you in the right direction.

Q. Can I get spares for my headset?

A. We have a comprehensive range of spares available for all the headsets, amplifiers and phones we supply including: voice tubes, ear pads, microphone windshields, spare leads, training leads etc.

Q. I want to use a headset through my PC - is this possible?

A. Yes - most headsets can be supplied to work with a computer, but we will need to discuss the details with you as there are several solutions available, depending on the age of your PC and the equipment fitted to it.

Q. Can I have a headset with my mobile phone?

A. Yes, in most cases, you can - however, some mobiles may need an adapter. If you let us have the name of the manufacturer and the model number, we can advise you on a compatible headset.

Remember if you need any help, so if you're not fully certain which headset or accessory is right for you, please feel free to ask for our impartial, expert advice - email: